Tactacam Rewards ProgramTactacam Rewards Program

Exciting news for the REVEAL community! We're delighted to introduce the FREE Tactacam Rewards program, now available to all users with active REVEAL cameras on their accounts. Whether you're a seasoned user or a new member, we're dedicated to providing the ultimate experience, and Tactacam Rewards ensures that every REVEAL owner can now enjoy a range of exclusive perks and VIP benefits.

Getting Started is a Breeze

Opting into the program is as easy as logging into your account on the REVEAL web portal. Upon login, you'll receive a prompt to join the program. If you choose not to participate, simply close the pop-up. Alternatively, navigate to account.revealcellcam.com, access the menu bar, click "Account," choose "Profile," and click the info icon in the bottom right-hand corner to opt in.


Discover Your Tier, Enjoy the Perks

Tactacam Rewards features multiple tiers, each offering a unique set of perks:

  • Silver: 1-2 active cameras
  • Gold: 3-5 active cameras
  • Platinum: 6-19 active cameras
  • Black: 19+ cameras

Exclusive Perks by Tier

Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black Tiers:

  1. Season and Surprise Promotions: Access tailored promotions for your tier, ensuring the best deals year-round.
  2. Free Prepaid Labels: Enjoy the convenience of free prepaid labels for seamless returns and exchanges.
  3. VIP Support: Receive priority support to address your queries promptly.
  4. Early Access to New Products: Be the first to experience our latest innovations with early access.
  5. Extended Warranty and Advance Replacements: Gain peace of mind with extended warranty coverage and advanced replacements.

Checking Your Tier Status

Easily check your tier status on the web portal at account.revealcellcam.com > Account > Profile. Discounts and custom pricing for promotions will be applied automatically based on your tier status.

For more details, visit Tactacam Rewards and discover how to make the most of your REVEAL experience.