Potential Dealer Lead Submission Form

Thank you for helping us find the latest opportunity for our Tactacam Dealer Network in your area!  Please fill out the form below to submit your potential dealer lead to your area Sales Manager.  Once received, your local area sales manger will determine the best course of action for trying to sign up this dealer, and will reach out to you and your Team Leader within 1 week of you submitting this form.

(Please note, with the increasing popularity of our brand and products, there can be an increased delay in this process, especially during our highest demand periods.)

Team Member Dealer Submission Form

This form is to be used for Team Members to formally submit potential dealers to their sales manager for sign-up / support if already signed.

  • What is your name?
  • What is the name of the Shop?
  • Please tell us what state this shop is located.
  • We have different Sales Team Members that handle different shop styles. This is most typically split by the total number of doors (physical locations ) a shop has. Your Answer will ensure this gets to the appropriate manager for faster handling of your lead.
  • This helps us determine the best product assortment for us to talk with the shop about. Please select ALL THAT APPLY.
  • This helps us determine the strength of the lead you are submitting and will guide your sales manager in determining the course and context of their initial contact with the shop. We will want to know things like: Are you a current customer of the shop? Do you personally know anyone who works with the shop? How did this shop come to your radar as a possible Tactacam Dealer? What history do you have with this shop in general?
  • If you know who the primary shop contact is, or have a specific connection to a contact at this store, please list their name and contact information (PHONE and EMAIL if possible). If you DO NOT have a connection at the shop, please put N/A.