FISH-i Pro Package

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Tactacam FISH-i

Developed specifically for the fishing market, Tactacam Fish-i offers anglers the perfect compact camera package to film their experience. Constructed with a waterproof, replaceable lens system, Fish-i is one of the most versatile compact cameras on the market.

Fish-i Combo Lens Pack

Screw on interchangeable lenses will modify the viewing angle of your Fish-i. The Fish-I Combo Lens Pack is a set of two lenses: an ultra wide lens and a mini zoom lens to get all the right angles.

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Remote for 5.0 & Fish-i Units

After the initial pairing, the remote controls up to 5 Tactacam 5.0 or Fish-i cameras with one button. Tactacam Remote Technology gives you the feedback you need, all on an LCD screen. The remote is optimized at 100 feet giving you the distance and control over your cameras.

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Tactacam Ultra microSD


Fish-i External Back Cap

Power cord adapter that allows you to securely power your Fish-i for extra battery life using an alternative power source. Plugs into a USB power supply. This attachment is not waterproof, but it is weatherproof. Do not submerge the camera while using this attachment.

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