Tactacam Team Friends and Family Deal (ends December 31, 2018)

Make your list and check it twice, you have 5 chances to be extra nice!

You guys do a lot for Tactacam to earn your discount, points, and prizes each year.  We want to open up some Christmas spirit for you guys to spread the love to your 5 closest friends and family members so they can check Tactacam off their Christmas list!

Read the Rules below on how you can spread some chear and put a grin on a hunters face from ear to ear with your Team Exclusive Friends and Family deal.

Please pay attention to the rules for this program that will run now through December 31, 2018:

1: The code is good for up to 5 camera packages per Team Member, so make sure they are your best buddies or aunts and uncles (do NOT distribute this to any public place or outside of your immediate friends and family)

2: The code will NOT discount current running package deals (ultimate hunter and the like) or the sale items like Bone Collector Solo’s

3: The code may ONLY be used by Team Members who are logged into the portal.  The code IS NOT to be distributed to any one outside of the team.

4:  If the code is found on any social media posts, sites, or other public places, the member responsible will be immediately removed from the Tactacam Team.  (we wouldn’t make this a rule if it didn’t happen)

5:  Any member found using this to create sales for personal gain will be immediately removed from the Tactacam Team.  (we wouldn’t make this a rule if it didn’t happen)

6: The code is good for the Team Discount of 40% off all qualifying items, so your family and friends will be ready to rock and roll when they hit the woods

We like being a part of your Santa story…don’t make us be the Grinch.

 Code: TEAMF&F2018

Team Member of the Week: DWAYNE MATTSON of MN!!


Ricky Setzer

No it says in the rules that it does not apply to already discounted products like the bone collector solo and the already running packages like ultimate hunter.

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