Team Member of The Week: Luis Lepe!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Luis Lepe

Team Member of the Week: 9/23 – 9/30

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“Luis has been a rock star since he was added to the Tactacam Team.  He started with one store and now has a  I full wagon of 5 stores he is currently the Team dealer support for.  When other member haven’t been able to pick up the tab in their area Luis has taken the time to go out of his way to show our dealers just how much we strive to support them.   Any time I have reached out with an opportunity, Louis says “bring it on man”!  Luis is easily one of the top members in the AR, AL, MS, LA region and I told him I needed him in my other three states the next few weeks if he’s not busy lol .  There’s not a task yet he hasn’t taken by the horns and seen through.   In my opinion he deserves member of the week plus more!”  – Steven Thomas, Team Leader AL, AR, MS, LA

Thanks for all you do my man!  Be on the lookout for your New Tactacam Hat!

Tactacam Hat 3
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