Turkey Reaper Giveaway

Eligible purchases: March 15 to May 15, 2019

Buy a Turkey Reaper on Tactacam.com or TurkeyReapers.com and be automatically entered to win a 2020 Turkey Hunt in Iowa, Tactacam Long Range Shooter Package (5.0 & FTS) or a Tactacam 5.0.

If you bought a Turkey Reaper at a retail location, fill out the form, take a photo of your receipt and upload it to be entered to win.

View full Rules & Regulations below.

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Turkey Reaper Giveaway Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are intended solely for Tactacam. Interpretation and enforcement of Tactacam rules and regulations is vested exclusively with Tactacam Rules and Regulations Enforcement Committee. Tactacam reserves the right to change, add to, delete, elaborate, edit, etc. any and all Tactacam rules and regulations at any time prior to and during Tactacam competition with proper notice being provided to all registrants of Tactacam. It is the sole responsibility of each registered hunter to read and understand the rules and regulations of Tactacam including any and all updates and changes. Tactacam rules and regulations, and any and all updates and changes thereto, shall be published on Tactacam website at www.Tactacam.com. Each and every hunter who registers with Tactacam agrees that he/she has read and agrees to be bound by Tactacam rules and regulations. In the event of a rule violation, Tactacam Rules and regulations Enforcement Committee may impose sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Committee including, without limitation, disqualification, forfeiture of prizes and entry fees, and prohibition from participation in subsequent Tactacam sanctioned competitions or events. Tactacam Rules and Regulations Enforcement Committee official ruling shall be final in all matters.

1. Compliance with Federal and State Hunting Laws, Regulations, and Ordinances. Each and every hunter registered with Tactacam shall strictly adhere to any and all applicable Federal and State hunting laws, regulations, and ordinances. A violation of any Federal or State hunting law, regulation, or ordinance shall result in immediate disqualification of the violating hunter from Tactacam. Moreover, any information obtained by Tactacam from the violating hunter shall be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Tactacam will cooperate with all law enforcement with respect to any violation or suspected violation of hunting laws, regulations, or ordinances. In the event Tactacam becomes aware that a hunter may have violated a hunting law, regulation, or ordinance, or that a hunter may have violated one of these Tactacam Rules & Regulations, Tactacam has sole discretion to investigate such violation and take whatever action it sees fit in response thereto. All hunters registered with Tactacam agree and understand that Tactacam and Tactacam Rules and Regulations Enforcement Committee have the exclusive authority to take this action, and that such action is not appealable to any forum or tribunal.

2. Honesty and Code of Conduct. Hunters shall at all times conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner. Tactacam participants shall not knowing falsify any information or documentation, and must implore honesty and integrity in any and all interactions and transactions with those persons associated with Tactacam competition and individuals associated with regulatory agencies. Any hunter who violates any of the provisions of the Hunter’s Code of Conduct will be subject to disqualification from Tactacam, forfeiture of prizes and winnings, and permanent ban from future Tactacam competitions.

3. Participant Eligibility and Registration. Tactacam competition is open to all persons 18 years of age or older who properly register in one or more of the fourteen qualifying regions. All hunters must register online by 11:59 p.m. on May 15, 2019 by using Tactacam’s official website, www.tactacam.com. Any attempts at registration after May 15, 2019 will be rejected. Each hunter who registers with Tactacam will receive an official welcome email from Tactacam confirming that hunter’s registration, as well as additional details concerning the competition. The individualized Tactacam identification number is required for the hunter to register his/her deer in the Regional Qualifying Hunt. It is important to understand that hunters must use the Official Tactacam game camera to record the hunt. The Official Tactacam game camera is supplied by Tactacam in the Registration Packet, which requires reasonable time for shipping. Any submission using a non-Official Tactacam game camera will be denied.

4. The winners Hunt consists of a 3-day guided Hunt at Tactacam Farms in SW Iowa and shall occur in April or May 2020. This is an Archery or Shotgun hunt depending on winners choice of weapon.  Transportation and valid hunting liscense and tags will be the responsiblity of the winner.

5. Ownership/Publication Rights. Each and every participant in Tactacam understands and agrees that any and all photographs, videos, and recordings of any kind of the participant belong to Tactacam, and that Tactacam has the sole and exclusive right to publish such photographs, videos, and recordings, as well as the participant’s name and likeness, in any legal manner it sees fit without further consent or permission from the participant. Each and every participant further understands and agrees that he/she shall receive no compensation for Tactacam’s use of photographs, videos, and recordings of participant(s).

6. Safety; Waiver and Release of Liability. Each and every hunter who registers with Tactacam understands and acknowledges the paramount requirement of a safe hunt. Each and every hunter is responsible for his/her own safety. Each and every hunter who has registered with Tactacam hereby waives, releases, and fully discharges Tactacam and its owners, agents, representatives, attorneys, assigns, successors, predecessors, officers, directors, managers, insurers, fiduciaries, and other legal representatives from any and all claims, actions, causes of action, obligations for damages (including but not limited to compensatory, exemplary and punitive damages), losses, expenses, attorneys’ fees and costs, and any and all other claims for damages resulting from and in any way related to the hunter’s participation in Tactacam.