In hunting, patience and perseverance are the cornerstones of success. Nate Bauersachs demonstrates that in his story of “The Boss”. Nate's multi-year encounter was a journey marked by fleeting sightings, near misses, and ultimately, a hard-earned triumph. Spanning several years and filled with moments of anticipation and strategy, here, in his own words, Nate recounts his unforgettable experience with a deer that became a legendary figure in his outdoor adventures.

“I’ve had history with this deer for what I thought was only 3 years, come to find out I had actually encountered him as a 3 year old in 2018 looking back at old footage and we are fairly confident it’s the same deer. I’ve usually only ever gotten nighttime photos of him until last year he showed daylight twice. This year was a different story I could get a much better pattern and idea on him. I encountered him 2 weeks prior with my bow in a fast paced encounter I couldn’t seal the deal so I pulled out for a few weeks till firearm season he showed himself a few minutes after being in the stand I got a clean shot on him and he went about 30 yards and expired. I’m so blessed and grateful to be in the outdoors with these amazing animals, a big thanks to Tactacam for the work these cameras put in!"
Nate Bauersachs