Benefits of Running Cameras During Late SeasonBenefits of Running Cameras During Late Season

Late season is upon us which has you in one of two situations:

1. You shot your target buck in early season or during rut. You’re kicked back in your chair, reminiscing on your success while dreaming about what next season will bring.
2. You are still on the hunt and you’re wondering if your target buck is still out there.

We’ve all been there…

Regardless of where you fall, the universal truth is that late season is an ideal time to take inventory of your deer herd. Did the “Orange Army” walk away with your buck? Are harsh winters taking a toll? What impacts are predators having on your deer? While you may have already found success in this season, running your REVEAL cameras after a successful year or during the offseason will help you understand where your strategy should begin the following year. Below you will find a list of key elements in why we run our cameras during the winter months and how it impacts success for the years to come.

Why you should run cameras in the winter months:

1. Late Season Success – There is still season left which means your cameras are still able to provide you with key information to turn your season around. With the end of rifle and muzzleloader seasons, pressure on deer will become greatly reduced. Now is a great time to dive into the statistics in the app and dial in on the late season pattern of your deer.
2. Data & Statistics – You may have passed on a buck or two that will be your targets next season. Leveraging the data and insights from photos in the free REVEAL app may help you pattern next years mature deer, turning data into a strategic advantage for a more successful hunting season.
3. Herd Management – Winter months can be tough on deer, especially in the northern climates. Monitoring deer population numbers during the winter and into spring may not only safeguard their welfare but also give you the power to improve your management plan for upcoming spring and summer. By staying informed, you play a crucial role in fostering a healthy and sustainable deer population in your hunting grounds.
4. Predator Management – If you’re in a state with high predation numbers, keeping a pulse on the movement of coyotes, bobcats, wolves, lions, and other predators can be eye opening. The winter months, governed by state regulations, present an opportune time for effective predator management. By closely monitoring their activities, you not only gain valuable insights but also contribute to maintaining a balanced ecosystem in your hunting grounds. 
5. Spring Seasons – As spring rolls around, we will hit turkey & shed hunting seasons. Get the first jump on travel patterns for birds and pinpointing the timing for antler drops. Running your cameras now can help you achieve greater success this spring. Running your cameras during the late season positions you for greater success in the upcoming spring, offering a head start in understanding dynamic movements in preparation for the upcoming seasons.
6. Security – Running REVEAL cameras around your property during the off-season serves as a vigilant guardian, keeping you informed about potential hazards or trespassers. From monitoring floods and fires to alerting you to any criminal activities, REVEAL cameras stand as a reliable safeguard, providing peace of mind and a watchful eye on your property even when you're away.

As the late season unfolds, whether celebrating a successful early hunt or still in pursuit of a trophy buck, REVEAL cameras offer more than the thrill of the harvest. Winter camera use goes beyond capturing moments; it provides invaluable insights into deer herd dynamics. From late-season success and strategic data analysis to herd and predator management, REVEAL cameras are year-round allies for understanding and enhancing your hunting grounds. Let REVEAL be your guiding lens, offering security, knowledge, and a deeper connection to the wild's ever-evolving tapestry. In every season and at every turn, your journey is our passion, and together, we craft the story of success.