Amidst the anticipation of impending parenthood, Gage Lau felt the pressure of the clock ticking to secure a harvest early in the season. Here's Gage's firsthand account of how a season marked by anticipation of new life also delivered the thrill of a lifetime in the form of a ten-pointer, forever etched into their memories.
“This spring my wife and I found out that we were pregnant and the due date was going to fall in the middle of deer season. With the pressure on to tag out early we scattered multiple REVEALs all over the farms and got many great deer on camera. As the velvet peeled off the wide 10 with the tipsy G2 slipped into a deadly pattern daylighting multiple times. I knew I was extremely close to his bedding area and that going in this close early season was risky but I was on the clock. On the first week of season I slipped in and got to the base of my tree. I thought I was home free when two does jumped up 30 yards away and bound off down the hill as I watched them run off I saw the 10pt stand up out of a tree top 70 yards away and bound off with them as the ran by. A few weeks later the tipsy 10 hit a scrape on a field edge on the other side of the same farm. We had a good idea where he was bedding and put in a reveal in front of an old blind in a bulletproof spot.
After multiple sits in that spot being conservative and waiting he finally walked out at 18yards lip curling at another small buck. I settled the pin and double lunged him. He ran 20 yards and fell over. My pregnant wife and good buddy Chris helped me recover the deer and the memories will last a lifetime.”
Photo credit: @gagelau_11