As the calendar flips to the end of February and early March, people like Jeff Sturgis get asked frequently, ‘why do you run your REVEAL year-round? The answer is simple: Powerful insights.

Buck Inventory
As winter comes to a close, REVEAL cameras serve a crucial role in taking a detailed buck inventory. As the cold season bids farewell, we unveil the aftermath – antlers, health, and resilience showcased at our fingertips. The cameras become our window into the subtle transformations of the woodland residents.
Strategic Camera Placement for Turkeys
With the onset of spring, most hunters turn their focus to turkeys. Understanding their behavior becomes crucial. Placing cameras strategically, whether high or low, allows for efficient monitoring of turkey movements in fields and roosting areas. This strategic placement serves as a valuable educational tool for comprehending turkey patterns during this season.
Clover and Its Impact on Turkey Populations
Spring's greenery, particularly clover, becomes a central focus. Understanding the impact of clover on deer and, especially, turkey populations is educational for hunters. REVEAL allows a capture of the nuances of wildlife interactions with this vegetation, offering insights into the ecological dynamics at play.
Antler Shedding and Survival Patterns
Moving into March, the cameras are strategically placed to witness antler shedding, providing crucial insights into the deer population's health and survival. Shed hunting expeditions during this time offer a snapshot of the post-winter landscape and the condition of bucks in the region. It's an educational endeavor that contributes to a deeper understanding of the deer population's dynamics.
365-Day Vigilance and Informed Wildlife Management
The decision to keep REVEAL cameras active throughout the year serves a purpose beyond mere image capture. It's a commitment to informed wildlife management. By consistently monitoring and adapting camera placements based on seasonal cues, wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, and hunters gain valuable knowledge about animal behavior, survival patterns, and the ever-changing dynamics of the ecosystem.
There you have it. REVEAL cameras, when utilized strategically throughout the year, offer an educational view into the intricate lives of wildlife. From deciphering winter movements to understanding turkey behavior and monitoring bucks for hunting seasons, these cameras serve as invaluable tools for informed wildlife management.
Article Credit: Information sourced from Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions