Do you find yourself frustrated or overwhelmed with the challenges of managing your property during the busy spring months? We’re here to share the inside scoop on the intricacies of juggling multiple tasks, from power management for your cell cams, and frost seeding switchgrass, to other critical activities that demand attention in the coming weeks.
Frost Seeding Switchgrass: March, the Ideal Month
  • March stands out as a pivotal month for frost seeding switchgrass, especially in well-prepared areas.
Weed Management with Simazine and Glyphosate
  • Consider a pre-emergent application before spring green-up for effective weed control.
  • Timing and Caution: Ensuring the right conditions for herbicide application without harming emerging switch grass.
Strategic Stand Placement and Habitat Planning
  • March serves as an opportune time for strategic stand placement and habitat planning.
  • Pre-Leaf Season Planning: Using March and April to finalize stand placements before foliage obscures visibility.
  • Survey Markers and Ribbons: Employing practical methods to mark stand locations for precise setup.
Last Days for Cutting: Canopy Reduction
  • March marks the final days for cutting before the energy of trees shifts towards leaf production.
  • Prioritizing the removal of large canopy trees to create openings for sunlight penetration. 
Rabbit Huts and Edge Habitat Enhancement
  • Understand the role of rabbit huts in enhancing edge habitat, contributing to increased biodiversity.
  • Stacking three pallets, hinging over larger trees, and creating brush piles for optimal habitat enhancement.
Wildlife Pollinator Blends: A Blend for Diversity
  • Native Pollinator Blend: Understanding the components of a wildlife-friendly pollinator mix.
  • Ratio with Switch Grass: Achieving the right balance between pollinator blend and switch grass for optimum results.
  • Caution with Chemicals: Exercising care in chemical applications to protect delicate pollinator species.
Navigating the complexities of spring management requires careful planning and strategic execution. By understanding the nuances of frost seeding, weed management, habitat planning, and more, you can optimize your efforts for a successful and productive season. Embrace the challenges, implement thoughtful strategies, and watch your property flourish in the coming months.
Article Credit: Information sourced from Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions