Every hunter has that one story they cherish—a tale that embodies the thrill, the patience, and the ultimate triumph of the hunt. For Matthew Miller, that story centers around a buck he named 'Freak.' From the first sighting on a crisp October day in Belmont County, Ohio, to the adrenaline-filled encounter that sealed the deal on November 18th, Matthew's journey with 'Freak' is an exciting story. In his own words, here's the unforgettable saga of 'Freak':"
"The story of 'Freak' started on October 15 on a property we got permission on in Belmont county Ohio when I got my first picture of him, the first thing I noticed was his big brown tines and immediately turned my REVEAL X 2.0 on video hope in I could get a good video of him. I hunted until November 3 but never saw him and the went on a mule deer hunt in Colorado, while I was gone my brother hunted for him and had 4 encounters with him but never got a shot. We decided to come back home from Colorado 3 days early after I tagged out on the first day, and on youth season on November 18 at 7:00 am he came in to 20 yards and my 450 bushmaster hit its mark and he ran 40 yards up the hill and died in seconds. He had 17 scoreable points and scored 177 3/8."
Thanks for sharing your story Matthew!