2023 Gift Guide2023 Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to surprise the outdoor enthusiasts in your life than with the gift of advanced technology, rugged reliability, and a touch of style? Tactacam presents the ultimate holiday gift guide, featuring cutting-edge products designed to elevate every outdoor adventure. Let's dig into the must-have gifts of the season:

1. Reveal X 2.0 - The Night Vision Virtuoso
Unleash the power of observation with the REVEAL X 2.0. This cellular camera boasts unparalleled performance day or night, featuring a low-glow IR advantage for crystal-clear image captures. With a weather-resistant body and instant photo delivery, the X 2.0 is the perfect companion for remote or outdoor monitoring. Shop REVEAL X 2.0 >>

2. X-Pro - Capturing Stealth in Every Shot
For discreet cellular image capture, the REVEAL X-Pro takes center stage. Boasting no-glow flash technology, it operates virtually undetected by both humans and animals. With a built-in GPS, LCD screen, and weather-resistant body, the X-Pro ensures seamless setup and resilient performance in any environment. Shop REVEAL X-Pro >>

3. External Solar Panel - Endless Power, Zero Hassle
Keep your REVEAL cellular cameras powered up with the 12V External Solar Panel. Say goodbye to battery waste, thanks to its integrated rechargeable lithium system. No need to worry about drained internal batteries – this solar panel ensures continuous operation in any outdoor setting. Shop External Solar Panel >>

4. Lithium Cartridge - Power That Lasts
The REVEAL Lithium Cartridge is a long-life rechargeable battery designed to provide replenishable power to your REVEAL cellular cameras. Eliminate the environmental impact of disposable batteries and enjoy the convenience of recharging with the included 5V USB-C cable. (*Not compatible with REVEAL Gen 1 models.) Shop Lithium Cartridge >>

5. Lockable Security Box - Fortify Your Monitoring Hub
Enhance the security of your REVEAL cellular camera with the Lockable Security Box. Ideal for public or private land spots, this accessory adds an extra layer of protection against tampering, theft, and damage. Choose between lag bolt or locking cable mount holes for versatile installation. (*Not compatible with Gen 1 models or SK models using top solar panel attachments.) Shop Lockable Security Box >>

6. Logo Tees - Hunt in Style
Crafted for comfort and designed for hunters, our latest logo tees offer a soft feel and a perfect fit. Show off your passion for hunting in a shirt that’s as rugged as your pursuits. Get ready for the next hunting season in style. Shop Tactacam Merch >>

7. Accessories: Elevate the Experience
REVEAL camera accessories make perfect stocking stuffers or additions to any hunter's arsenal. Complete your hunting essentials with accessories like tree mounts, straps, power management tools, and product protection gear. Shop Accessories >>

This holiday season, give the gift of innovation, reliability, and a touch of style with Tactacam's range of in-field tech essentials and signature apparel. Whether it's capturing the perfect wildlife shot, building your product arsenal, or gearing up in style, our holiday gift guide has you covered. Unwrap the outdoors with Tactacam and make this holiday season one for the books!

Happy holidays from the Tactacam family!