The Tactacam 6.0 was made with the modern-day sportsman in mind. The #1 Point of View camera on the market for hunting features 8x zoom which brings your hunt closer than ever. New image stabilization technology takes the “shock” out of the shot and lets you capture crystal clear footage in 4k 60fps. The sleek, waterproof design features a screen, generates WI-FI, and is remote compatible.

Tactacam is designed for you using the best electronics available. Easy to use; 1 touch operation with vibration indication allows for easy camera operation. This small hunting video camera was built with an ultra-high-quality lens and low-light sensor. Instead of using a fisheye lens, which pushes the images away, Tactacam uses a unique lens design, providing a view similar to what we see with the human eye. Tactacam 6.0 now features an improved 8x zoom to bring your target closer than ever!

All this is what makes the Tactacam 6.0 the best-hunting action camera on the market.


  • 8x zoom brings your hunt closer than ever
  • Newly integrated touch screen display
  • Adjustable red dot feature
  • Image stabilization
  • Capture crystal clear footage in 4k-60fps
  • One touch operation with vibration indication
  • Sleek, waterproof design (up to 30ft)
  • Ultra-high quality lens, providing a similar to human-eye view
  • Low-light sensor
  • Tactacam remote compatible
  • Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone via Tactacam App


8x Zoom
Touch Screen Display
Image stabilization
4k-60 fps footage
One touch
High quality lens
Low-light sensor
Remote compatible

Let's Set Up Your Tactacam 6.0

1. Insert Class 10 U3 Micro SD card
2. Fully charge your Tactacam 6.0 battery
3. Download the Tactacam Connect app
4. Pair your Tactacam 6.0 to your mobile device


Will my older Tactacam batteries fit the 6.0?

Yes, the battery for the 6.0 is the same battery as the 5.0, Solo, and Fish-i.

What is the Max Zoom on the 6.0?

The max zoom for the 6.0 is a 8x zoom.

Will my current Remote work for the 6.0?

Yes, if you currently have a remote it will work for the Tactacam 6.0.

Will the 6.0 fit the FTS?

No, with the new design for the 6.0, it is not compatible with the FTS.

Will my 5.0 Tactacam mounts work for the 6.0?

No, since the Tactacam 6.0 has a new sleek design, your older mounts will not fit. To view our new mounts, click here. The remote and batteries from the older models will fit the 5.0.

Is the 6.0 waterproof?

Yes, the 6.0 is waterproof up to 30ft.